THE AURIC _ Completed and Inaugurated

Finessing the right hues in interiors meanwhile can take it from overwhelming to perfectly Dramatic. If it is possible to be both riotously warm and serenely calm at the same time , then The Auric is all about that.

Located in Kasarkode, Kerala, at the midst of coconut trees, the house is filled with pops of nudes, but exudes a sense of space. And just like its client, it is terrifically welcoming.
The house boasts warm colours that opens up to beautiful romantic interior lighting. As for the design principal, the goal was to code it with nudes, this we worked right from the start. When it comes to interiors, the client, he favours a number of things. He is a fan of nudes and warms. He also has a weakness for Moroccan lamps, believing they immediately make a room more inviting, which we later incorporated for the dining space. To sum it up.

Life appears to be a work in progress for the designers, and one medium is not enough to contain their sense of design or the sheer versatility of their talent.

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