Humming  Tree is a  creative studio based in  Calicut, Kerala, for Art | Architecture I Design. Under the creative direction of two Co-founders  Ar.Mohammed Afnan and Ar.Arun Shekar.

With a team of passionate designers, Humming Tree is moved on the basis of incessantly exploring architectural quintessence by measuring projects on their impact as a rational and inclusive dialogue among context, geometry, and visual expression.

Our work is branded by its versatility in solving intricate programs. Understanding user needs, context, and materiality as a whole, we show considerable sensitivity to time in order to integrate the new with the already existing, highlighting the detailed qualities of our projects and our environment.


Relationship is a guiding force at Humming tree, we deem that the best domino effect trunk from a constant dialogue with all our stakeholders. With clients as our allies, we loom each project as a distinctive confront. Our integrated practice brings together experts in Architecture, interiors, engineering and urban designing to create ground-breaking solutions.



We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.