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The conflict between heritage (Cultural and Natural) and development has always been there since ages, On one side there are activists who claim that the new developments will destroy our heritage ; even as the pro-development lobby talks about how the heritage lobby arrest any move towards regeneration of the inner of core of the city thereby ensuring our economic ruin

There is no shortage of earnest words on what should be conserved or on the pressing need for action. But the gap between words and action appears to be growing. Nevertheless, acknowledgement of the cultural dimensions of the built environment, and the need for preservation, is growing. But, cultural sensitivity alone is not sufficient to solve the problems faced by city managers.

Cultural resources tend to be particularly vulnerable to changing values and development priorities, and there is an obvious need to press much harder for the promotion of a development with conservation planning approach in all cities with historic significance, particularly so in developing countries.

The answer lies in between. We need get out this of the heritage or development mode and stop viewing them as opposite ends of the spectrum. Heritage and development are not contradictory to one other. In fact, a great city is a fusion of the old and the new. There is clearly a need to discourage divergent positions and look for balanced solutions that integrate the past as we progress.

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