Making things from burnt clay has been part of human experience for thousand many years. One would expect each clay item to turn out the same since the procedures are all similar. But, after every terracotta firing, you will find a handful of surprises with small unusual flaws, unexpected patterns and tonal mixes. This leaves us with a thought that everything and everyone are unique in their own way & we need to embrace it. Although some may consider these to be imperfect or even mistakes, it is through these unplanned gems that you find the true joys of happiness in product designs.

Our aim is to bridge the urban- rural divide through design and community engagements. With dramatic changes in environment and increased use of synthetic materials, people are soon realizing the importance of “going back to the roots” and have begun to welcome the idea of handmade and sensitive. Although we can see the trend getting picked up, it needs more push and awareness among general masses. We hope that the project could be adopted on a wider scale, and adapted to the local market. Fingers crossed that we will be spreading more love and longer nights of food and talks when it goes into production for a larger number.